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Do you you want to showcase your band on social media and your website?

Have a live sound you want to be heard?

Let's rock this together!


We create a 45 sceond promo clip for your solo act or band with the audio and video recording of a three song sample and create a highlight reel to showcase your talent.

We will use standard and creative camera angles and feature your audience as well to create excitement (at live shows or rehearsal spaces with "staged" audience members.) 

You are responsible for your own sound, having a professional sound person is highly recommended!

You are responsible for chooing a venue that is visually strong and offers adequate lighting, the good news is we can help you choose one!

You are responsible for requesting permission from the venue for use in recording.

We can also set this up at your rehearsal space or with a rented stage, let's discuss!

Each song/15 second feature beyond the first 3 are at a rate of $50 per song.


Live photography also available for an additional fee.


Thanks so much for working with us!


Editing and delivery 2-4 weeks from date of recording.






Band Promo Video. Starting at $600

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