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Stars aligning. Timing was finally right one January. The first time Mike and Emily shared a meal (and a Mai Tai) at a local restaurant, she had a really good feeling about him and asked him to drive across country with her that following summer,  HE SAID YES! 

​It was 2011 and Mike was a musician leaving a ten year career at a local credit union to pursue music full time, he was already a killer bass player and was curious about adding singer-songwriter to his repertoire. 

Emily was a self employed visual artist who had the desire to branch out further into video visual storytelling, she loved the WEST where her early childhood was spent and wanted to share in the adventure of the great American road trip with Mike.

That summer the two made their first indie film, a "life on the road" documentary of Open Mic nights. Mike performed at small venues from Omaha to Reno to Flagstaff and beyond, these were set against the beauty of the natural world within National Parks and other regional attractions that Emily had long been in love with. It was their first collaboration and the foundation for their love story, intertwining music, art and life.

​The couple spent the next few years submerged in all of these locally as well as touring throughout Germany and surrounding countries with the band Jimmy Kelly and the Street Orchestra (check out The Kelly Family), Mike performing on stage and Emily working on stage sets, photo, video and design.

Once back in the U.S Mike began a very successful Open "Mike" in 2013 that is over 9 years strong. He continues to work as a professional bass player most recently touring with The Dropkick Murphys and when he isn't playing on stage he is a guitar tech or busy writing, recording and performing with local bands including The Jim Weeks Band and Hannah Robuccio.

Emily continues to work as a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator. Collaborating with other creative women has been an enormous pleasure over recent years. Her current on going solo project is a multi media book about the space between her paternal and maternal grandparents, the road trips that took her back and forth between Nevada and Massachusetts, and the lifelong inspiration those places have had for her.

See Emily's mixed media work


Hi, it's Us! We were married in a Bavarian style wedding September 20, 2014. We chose to have our super home made wedding filmed, when we received the footage we got to experience the day all over again.  We appreciated how it caught so many people

(so many of them are no longer with us) enjoying the festivities that photos alone couldn't, we loved watching the facial expressions of each other during the exchange of vows, we adored the moving storytelling.

It became yet another facet of creativity, a treasure that we wanted others to have.

All of these creative bits are magical moments...captured through photos, video, art and music.

​After three years of producing music videos, commercials for local companies and promotional videos for non-profits we began filming weddings  in the Summer of 2017. This "behind the scenes" style-capture led to a desire to film the everyday, the every way of individuals and families creating an archive of beautiful and messy life. To learn more about Lifestyle and Life Capture video click here. 

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Autumn in New England

"Our ultimate goal is to capture precious moments with as many people as possible throughout our career to provide them with audio and visual memories that surpass a lifetime."

We have a highly creative daughter, Iris, who appears in many short films and music videos of her own. During 65 weeks of the pandemic Iris hosted virtual open mike with daddy and performed each and every week.

Her baby brother is River was born on May 1, 2022 and has added a whole new world of joy, wonder and adventure to our  lives. He is popping up on the creative mix already!

Wedding Photos: Pizzuti Photography Studios

*Jimmy Kelly and The Street Orchestra photo by Thomas Stachelhaus

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