This is Us

Michael & Emily

The first time Mike and Emily shared a meal at The Singapore,  she had a good feeling and asked him to drive across country with her that following summer, HE SAID YES!

Mike was a musician leaving a ten year career at a local credit union to pursue music full time. Emily was a self employed visual artist who had the desire to branch out further into video.

That summer the two made their first film. A "life on the road" documentary of Open Mic nights. Mike performed at small venues and these were set against the beauty of the natural world within National Parks and other regional attractions that Emily had long been in love with.

The couple spent the next few years submerged in art and music locally as well as touring throughout Germany with the band Jimmy Kelly and the Street Orchestra, Mike performing on stage and Emily working on stage sets, video and design.

The two were married in a Bavarian style wedding September 20, 2014.

The couple choose to have their wedding filmed. They received the raw footage and were in love with it.  They appreciated how it caught so many people enjoying the day that photos alone couldn't, they loved watching facial expressions of each other during the exchange of vows, they liked hearing voices of their favorite people.

Mike and Emily wanted everyone to have that sort of treasure in some form.

After three years of producing music videos, commercials for local companies and promotional videos for non-profits they began filming weddings themselves in the Summer of 2017. This "behind the scenes" style capture led to a desire to film the everyday, the every way of individuals and families creating an archive of beautiful and messy life. To learn more about Lifestyle and Life Capture video click here.

In the summer of 2018 the two began work on a personal project capturing lifestyle video of their own family  entitled Our Adventures in Gratitude

"Our ultimate goal is to capture precious moments with as many people as possible throughout our career to provide them with video memories that surpass a lifetime."

The two have a daughter, Iris, who appears in many short films of her own. 


Amy Ashman 


As a communications media professional based in Massachusetts, Amy is always looking for the next opportunity to wrap art around life experiences.

Since 1995, she has led a life fully devoted to inspiring creativity through design, promotion, and art.


Through a whole-hearted approach to constant creativity, she has helped change the way our population views the arts. 

Amy, along with her sister Emily Ashman invented Art Parties in 2004. Creating a safe space for group fun and artistic expression without judgement. This started a movement that profoundly changed the way our country gets creative. 

Professional experience includes Senior Marketing Manager, Senior Graphic Designer, Art Direction, Photography Assistant, Event Coordination, Art Instructor and more.

Wedding Photos: Pizzuti Photography Studios