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In some cases music is channeled through an individual, brought to an audience and changes lives.  Jim Weeks is one of those individuals.  The depth of his songwriting comes from love, deep despair and triumph over the challenges of life.  Partner that with the likes of Michael Kelly who has lived music his entire life.  From growing up in a musical family to writing in local original bands to playing with semi-national acts like James Montgomery to being a multi instrumental fill in player for international acts such as Dropkick Murphys, Kelly has the most magnetic musical connection with Weeks.  Their voices compliment each other as heard on their 2020 debut album “Jim Weeks Band”.  Now, in post-pandemic times they have reformed the band with drummer Benny Austin (TREBEK, Damnation, Sasquatch and the Sickabillies) whom Kelly has former band ties with.  There is an underlying groove that blankets the room when Benny is behind the kit as he has deep roots in the Blues, and has grown up living and breathing music since childhood.  Kelly bumped into guitarist Jeremy Chabot at a local open mic and wondered why he was not in his radar; he remembered Chabot as a great shredder and after a conversation realized he was a lover of tone, ambience and had an ever growing approach to learning how to be an erudite player.  The four planned a jam session and the vibe was undeniable.  The Jim Weeks band was complete.   

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