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Bio: Mike Kelly

      Having grown up in a household full of drummers, Mike Kelly was bound to be a crucial part of a rhythm section someday.  When he was 7 his older brother Matt (drummer - Dropkick Murphys) told him to get a bass guitar for Christmas.  Oblivious to what a bass guitar was, he trusted his older brother's wisdom.  At the age of 11 Mike started getting serious about learning, and studied with a local teacher.  By the time he reached 14 he was playing bass in his brother's Hardcore band, Hatchetface, making strides in the underground music world.  By 16 he had joined a band with some of his father's friends and played local bars, learning a lot of standard Blues and Classic rock songs.  Main areas of study were Led Zeppelin, Rush and Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as many different technical, brain and muscle memory exercises.  At 17 he joined a band traveling through the upper New England states each week while making the grades in High School and keeping a job at the local grocery store.  This was the life Mike wanted for himself.  He learned to love the stage and wanted to make his own music come to life.


     In 1999 Michael teamed up with local producer Matt Fortier on a studio project along with guitarist Marc Roy and keys player Joey Mazzarella.  These days working with such great players really instilled a love for the studio in Mike.  Here he also met a phenomenal singer by the name of Matt Dionne.  The project recorded was called "Naked Vinyl" and the album was "The Written Photograph".  For Mike, the interest in starting an original band grew rapidly.  Dionne and Kelly teamed up for many years doing a few different albums together which include a 4 song EP called "the spoil" and 2 full-length albums under the name of "TREBEK".  In the many years doing these original bands and playing bass, he stayed dextrous on the guitar as well, and by his mid 20's became infatuated with the sound of banjo.  He took it as a challenge telling himself he would "never be able to play banjo".  It took a while to get a bit comfortable with it, but having learned other instruments, he was up for the challenge and excited for some results. 


     In recent years Mike has played acoustic guitar in a duo with Country singer/songwriter Jilly Martin.  Here he was able to expand his guitar playing and was encouraged to sing and work on his abilities as a front man.  Having always thought he would want to play Country/Folk guitar and sing, he took this as an opportunity to become a more erudite musician.  Also, always wanting to be the utility player or "guy that knows a bunch of instruments on stage", the opportunity that came to him from his cousin, Jimmy Kelly in 2012, hit home.  Mike was asked to fly to Germany to play banjo and acoustic guitar on stage with Jimmy for his "Viva La Street" tour.  Little did he know he would also be asked to play ukulele, mandolin and bouzouki.  The tour created a sense of adventure and belonging for Mike.  The musicians on tour he now considers family, even the bus driver.


     Through all of these years, Bass guitar has remained Mike's first and favorite instrument to play.  The gig list is long but to name a few, Mike has performed on stage as the bass player with: James Montgomery, James Cotton, Johnny A., J. Geils, David Maxwell, GE Smith, Paula Cole, Trombone Shorty, Joan Osborne, Simon Kirk, Barry Goudreau, The Uptown Horns, etc.