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Modern Tin Type Project 

 2017 Collection

The spark for this project happened a couple of years ago after finding tintypes from my own family, the Livingstone's on my mother's side, that dated back to 1889. I tried to imagine these kinfolk as more than the stoic figures pictured. I imagined them laughing out loud, having a drink with friends, dancing to live music, singing in the bath or putting their feet up after a long day while wearing baggy pajamas. I wondered if I could take my own friends and family and freeze them into a similar look of seriousness and pride, two things any of them rarely exhibit in our social settings. I wanted to try using modern methods, digital photography, graphic design and printing on metal to achieve a look that could very briefly be mistaken for the real deal but upon closer inspection, the new materials and the familiar faces would reveal the truth. If someone were to see one of these photos one hundred years into the future how would they read each face? Would they too imagine the vivacious personalities, the exceptional talents, the kindness behind the stillness?

These were taken at Bull Run in Shirley, The Fay Club in Fitchburg, Monument Square Community Music School in Leominster and Slater's in Bolton. Each final is printed on 4x6" metal. 

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