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Music Lessons
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Musical Notes

Hello!  I am Mike Kelly.

Learning a new instrument can be challenging, I am here to support people as they follow their unique musical path and work towards their individualized, ultimate goals.

I am very excited to teach in a new location! Over the past year I have worked hard designing and building my ideal music studio nestled in the woods by my home. I am eager to share this space in person or virtually with my students.

I have been a professional musician and playing gigs since the age of 14 and began teaching others 26 years ago.  In 2011 I left the corporate world and became a full-time musician. In the past decade I have toured several times as a multi instrumentalist and as a guitar tech and have been an on-call bass player for many local and national acts including The Dropkick Murphys, Blues Legend James Montgomery and Wiz Kid Quinn Sullivan. Writing and recording songs and creative music has been a lifelong passion and I am constantly seeking new inspiration. Music is what I know and love.  I can give you insight into what it is like to actually be in the game. Whether you are a hobbyist seeking a new skill, want to try out for that band down the street and take it to the next level or you are a seasoned musician interested in lifelong learning, together we can make it happen!


Here is how I will handle teaching each instrument:


Bass Guitar (4 or 5 string)- Beginner to Professional

I will have you play something for me and ask a series of questions to see where you are on your path.  We will focus first on technique, exercises and reading on each string.  These points will be part of each lesson and as you get more comfortable, things will get more challenging.  I can take you all the way through from learning songs you want to play to improvising over Blues, learning different styles (classic rock, pop, funk, slap, tap) and through some of the fundamentals of Jazz music with improv techniques.  If you are someone who plays gigs already and are looking to expand your horizons, let's get together and see what we can do!


Guitar (acoustic and electric)- Beginner to intermediate

I mainly focus on reading, learning and understanding chords and learning songs.  We'll do rhythm exercises, analyze songs and learn melodies.  I am always open to questions and if you are in a band I can help you learn the parts you need to for your next rehearsal!



Banjo (5-string only)- Beginner to intermediate   

I love banjo.  I can teach you the essential rolls you will need to learn your favorite songs.  We will work on some simple forms of Bluegrass songs and we'll focus on learning your chords and inversions of chords.  So, if you are coming to banjo from being a guitar player, I'll teach you how you can approach your favorite guitar songs.  Banjo is a very interesting and versatile instrument; there are endless possibilities!

Professional Teaching Experience includes:

Action Music, Leominster MA

Monument Square Community Music School, Leominster MA

In Person and Virtual Available


Playing Bass

Private Music Lesson Fees

In Person or Virtual Available

$30/Half Hour


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