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Our family was on the road in July 2018 filming a

lifestyle video incorporating film, art, music and photography.

Our Adventures in Gratitude: A Film

Summer of 2018 we began working on a personal project capturing lifestyle video, for our own family  entitled Our Adventures in Gratitude.

"Our ultimate goal is to capture precious moments with as many people as possible throughout our career to provide them with video memories that surpass a lifetime."

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In 2011 as a couple we created a rough first attempt at a documentary of open mic nights across the U.S offset by the natural beauty of each region. We had known one another only six months at that time. We were rookies at video and it became a labor of love we will treasure forever.  

We have learned a lot since then .
We have toured Germany and surrounding countries with a folk/rock band four times (making music, videos and art) started this production company (video focused on local music & businesses, crowdfunding promos and most recently wedding videography).


We departed for the month of July 2018, making a loop around the U.S filming our daughter witnessing some of the wonders of the world, hearing the regional sounds and meeting the kind-hearted folk of our nation. Our goal is to get back to family basics by living in such tight quarters (our Dodge van), relying on the minimal and seeking out the good that is nestled into every corner of the country all while making art for ourselves and therefore YOU.  This will be Iris's first real step outside the bubble of our current creative local community, she will be a part of the things that brought us together as a couple and inspired us to have a child, it is the start of a grander education on the path of lifelong learning. Mike will be gathering sounds as well as composing brand new material to record his first ever instrumental album that will be the soundtrack for this film.

We want this to have tactile results in addition to the audio/visual. We will be compiling sketches, photographs, coloring pages, stories, road recipes and ways to stay healthy and sane while traveling with a little one. This will become a companion 'zine for all ages. 

To make this engaging for all and to get input from our followers and supporters we have a jar.
What?  That doesn't sound like fun?
Okay, so this jar will be for Iris. Into it we will put map clippings and ideas from YOU, we will let Iris draw from this jar daily and will work the bit into our schedule for the month. One example would be "Go to a local park and meet another two year old to play with" or "Find a place that has fossils" or "Give a $10 to a street performer".  We will be looking for creative and friendly ideas that will push us to be spontaneous and to find nooks and crannies not necessarily in our itinerary.



Gratitude...the title for our project says it all, "Our Adventures in Gratitude" will be an ongoing lifestyle for us of capturing wonder and creativity (human and nature made) with the mindset of gratefulness and optimism. It can be easy to succumb to the despair of the world, for us we have found that tuning into the good is personally the only way we can survive this and hopefully thrive!
We hope that others will hitch a metaphorical ride on this journey! For that we have an undying gratitude.

We released the above teaser in March 2019. We have a goal of completing the film in 2021/2022.

Thank you.
Emily, Mike & Iris



Watch our concept video below created prior to our trip.

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